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Welcome Post

Welcome to Durham University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society!

We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings to watch Science Fiction films and TV on a big screen, followed by a trip to the pub to discuss the films, other films, alternate timeline theories, logical and scientific inaccuracies or whatever takes our fancy. We will post here and on our twitter account (@DU_scifisoc) where we will be meeting each week, as well as any social events. As a society we have our own Fanzine, called Metamorphoses, where you get to submit your own creative writing and is published each term, sometimes with prizes for the best pieces!


If you want any more information on joining the society, please get in touch using our email address or facebook page:




We will be attending the Student’s Union Fair on Thursday 2nd October, come by and say hello!

I look forward to seeing you all this year!

Sam Gibson